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Amritanjali ayurved pvt. ltd

Amritanjali ayurved pvt. ltd Means absolute commitment to quality. All our products are 99.99% pure and 100% organic in nature. We are from among India’s leading companies operating in certified Herbal products’ industry.

Ours is still a bit different from other companies in respect that not all companies have direct contracts with the farmers involved in Herbal farming. This is quite important because it gives us assurance of our products being 100% organic and in turn we can assure our esteemed customers for the nature of products we offer. Our company has come a long way to establish itself as one of the leading suppliers of the Indian Herbal spices and various agro products to the national/international market. This has become possible because of a collective work being done by a group of Farmers.

The history of amritanjali ayurved goes back to year 2001 when only a couple of farmers joined us and now there are more than 6000 farmers working with us directly or indirectly in Herbal industry; our own Group have nearly 2500 certified Herbal farmers and another 1000 farmers are under conversion who are actually in their either 2nd or 3rd year of certification process.

Company Goal & Mission

Maintain compliance with organic standards under different schemes. Customer satisfaction. Contribution to local economy by fair price policy to our farmers. Widening network of companies that are working in Herbal industry. Promotion of Indian Herbal Spices & products at national/international level.


To promote Herbal farming in a sustainable manner and to explore domestic and global markets for the Herbal products we either produce or trade. Major emphasis is on attempts to improve living standards of small and marginal farmers through fair trade practices. As a company we are bound to extend our presence worldwide as a leading producer and supplier of genuine and certified Herbal products with superior quality


Farmers need to produce high quality products that are too dependent on the facilities they require. We have a commitment to offer maximum facilities to our farmers so that they need not to bother about desired equipment; drip irrigation is one among them.

Why Us ?

We are widely recognized in this sector due to our premium quality and trendy apparels,which we provide in several colors and designs. Due to the following unique reasons, we are able to carve a niche in this field:

We “AMRITANJALI AYURVED ”, are a PVT.LTD., engaged in Manufacturing and Trading a quality approved range of Ayurvedic Product, Herbal Product, Ayurvedic Seeds, Natural Leaves, Herbal Roots, Natural Herb, Natural Flower And Plant, Natural Grass and Ayurvedic Fruit.

Managing a farm is a tedious task for every farm owner. We guide the hi-tech farm solutions like protected cultivation Organic farming which reduces farm operations and labour expenses. We help to develop farm information systems. We also facilitate the market linkage to farm produce.

Contract farming of desired variety in required quantity as per buyer’s/processor’s need, has been allowed.Buyer/processor will supply inputs and technical know-how and farmer will produce the crop for sale to him at an agreed price.This price shall not be lower than minimum support price and title of land shall remain with farmer.