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कृषि से लेकर व्यवसाय तक
Thai Gauva

The Seedless guava grows on an evergreen tree that can range from 3 to 10 meters tall. It has a shrub-like growth habit with smooth bark that is brownish-green or even red. Ornate feathery blossoms of white and pink dot the foliage and later give way to small green fruits. Seedless guavas are quite misshapen and range from round, ovoid or pyriform and have a thin lime-green skin that is fully edible when ripe.


Food that contain high levels of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) frequently pop up on lists of the best foods for wrinkle-free skin. The anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects of vitamin C rich foods, such as the guava fruit, have been linked to the ability of vitamin C to stimulate the production colla-gen and elastic, structural proteins that help keep your skin firm and elastic. In addition, pink-fleshed guavas are also an excellent natural.


The fruit vary in size depending upon the fruit load on a tree. The fruit shape usually round some time with short neck pyriform (Pear shaped strain) smooth surface. There are pink dots scattered over the whole fruit, (Chittidar). Pulp is soft and melting, white, taste sweet.


Guava which is usually propagated from seed can also be propagated vegetative. The plants can be raised through cuttings, layering or mound layering.


Guava demand is immense in India therefore selling is not difficult. Guava is bought by many people in market. Our company also provides the facility of Buy Back agreement.


Guava fruit is climacteric in nature. It can be picked when mature, light green in colour and firm. It ripens during transport on reaching the market and gives excellent colour and taste. The contractors usually harvest the fruit when ripe or nearly ripe for direct sale to the consumers. Few leaves or small branches if kept with the fruits make the fruit attractive and trees get light pruning. For distant marketing this practice should be discouraged.

Distance (in acre) Sapling (in land) Cost (per plant) Total Other expenses (as per re-quirement) Cost of cultivation
10X10 ft 440 120 rs. 440X120 = 52,800/- Fertilizers Land prepara-tion Labor expenses etc. 52,800 /-
Total Cost Of Cultivation: 52,800/-
Income of year From each plant Total Company buy-back Total
Year 2nd 5 kg 440X5 = 2200 kg 15 rs. kg 2200X15 = 33,000 /-
Year 3rd 10 kg 440X10 = 4400 kg 15 rs. kg 4400X15 = 66,000 /-
Year 4th 15 kg 440X15 = 6600 kg 15 rs. 6600X15 = 99,000 /-
Total Income: 1,98,000/-
Technical Support & Services:

We also provide technical support for farming. Our Service Department with technically quali-fied staff provide after sales service and farmers' advisory services to our customers to get bet-ter plant establishment and faster growth of Herbal and Horticultural plantations.

We have largest network of employees who deliver Plants to customers at their door steps. Free technical services to customers on planting method, management practices and plant pro-tection measures. Our teams of Agricultural Experts periodically visits and supervise the planta-tions and suggest necessary guidelines to get better growth and higher returns. The income & expenditure indicated by the company is an approximate figure, as it also depends on the na-ture and hard work of the farmer.

  1. This includes Supervision, consultancy, guidance, Transportation cost first year.
  2. First production start after 2nd year and every production start in every 1 year.
  3. Buy back agreement of Thai Guava.
  4. The income expenditure indicated by the company is an approximated figure, as it also depends on the nature and hard work of the farmer.
  1. For 1 Acre plantation the cost of Plants is Rs. 52,800/-, out of which 50% i.e. Rs. 26,400/- has to be paid before the cultivation and the remaining half after the planting is done.
  2. The Buy Back Agreement Stamp paper of Rs.100/- has to be stamped by District Court of your area.
  3. For 10 Acre or more yield the buy Back Agreement Stamp Paper will be of Rs.500/-