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कृषि से लेकर व्यवसाय तक

Kalmegh is hardy plant and has been used as medicine since time immemorial. This plant is also known as 'Rice bitter' in West Indies and 'King of bitters' or 'Chiretta' in England. The fresh and dried leaves of Kalmegh are used as drugs in India. Branches are quadrangular and narrowly winged towards the apical region.

Variety: Andrographis Paniculata

  1. Digestive: Promotes Digestion
  2. Hepatoprotective: Protects the liver and gall bladder.
  3. Vermicidal: Kills intestinal worms & support intestine.
  4. Anti-acne: Protect skin from pimples.
  5. Anti-inflammatory: Reduces swelling and cuts down exudation from capillaries.
  6. Expectorant: Promotes mucus discharge from the respiratory system.
  7. Hypoglycemic: Blood sugar reducer. Immune Enhancement.
  8. Laxative: Aids bowel elimination.

It can be cultivated on wide range of soils from loam to lateritic soils with moderate fertility. It can be cultivated on shady wastelands also. The climatic requirement of the plant is hot and humid conditions with ample sunshine. With the onset of monsoon, plant grows luxuriantly and starts flowering with the moderation in temperature during September. Flowering and fruiting continues up to December until temperature drops drastically in Northern plains


Kalmegh is a bitter annual (perennial, if maintained) herb, erect, 50 cm to 1m. In Height, stem quadrangular, much branched; leaves opposite, short petioled; flowers in racemes


Globe demand for Kalmegh is necessiating the cultivation. As illusstraled, Kalmegh is a precious medicinal plant with expanding demand in domestic & internotionl market. forset was the only source, which is fast depleting since over expeloictation Hence its cultivation is must


Maximum herb biomass can be obtained in 90-100 days beyond which leaves start shedding. If crop is raised as annual crop and planted during the month of May June, it should be harvested by the end of the September when flowering is initiated. At the time of flower initiation, active principle andrographolide is high in leaves. Since the whole plant contains active principles, entire harvested material is dried in shade and powdered

Economics Of One Acre Kalmegh Cultivation:


Distance (in acre) Kit (1 kg) (in land) Cost of Kit (per Kit) Total Fertilizer Cost of cultivation
6 inch X 2 ft 3 kg 3500 Rs. 3500 X 2 = 7000 /- 2,000 /- 7000+2,000=9000/
Total Expenses: 9000/-

1) Income From Seeds:

Income of year Seeds (in 6 months) Company buy-back (per kg) Total
In 6th month 1000 kg 60 Rs 1000X60=60,000/-
Total Income From Seeds: 60,000/-

2) Income From Whole Plant:

Income of year Seeds (in 6 months) Company buy-back (per kg) Total
In 6th month 600 kg 25 Rs 600 X 25 = 15,000/-
Total Income From Whole Plant: 15,000/-
Technical Support & Services:

We also provide technical support for farming. Our Service Department with technically qualified staff provide after sales service and farmers' advisory services to our customers to get better plant establishment and faster growth of Herbal and Horticultural plantations. We have largest network of employees who deliver Plants to customers at their door steps. Free technical services to customers on planting method, management practices and plant protection measures. Our teams of Agricultural Experts periodically visits and supervise the plantations and suggest necessary guidelines to get better growth and higher returns. The income & expenditure indicated by the company is an approximate figure, as it also depends on the nature and hard work of the farmer

  1. This includes Supervision, consultancy, guidance, Transportation cost first year.
  2. First production starts after 6th month.
  3. Buy back agreement of Kalmegh.
Terms And Conditions:
  1. For 1 Acre plantation the cost of Plants is Rs. 9,000/-, out of which 50% i.e. Rs. 4,500/- has to be paid before the cultivation and the remaining half after the planting is done.
  2. The Buy Back Agreement Stamp paper of Rs.100/- has to be stamped by District Court of your area.
  3. For 10 Acre or more yield the buy Back Agreement Stamp Paper will be of Rs.500/-.