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कृषि से लेकर व्यवसाय तक
Description :

Kagzi lime (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle) belongs to family Rutaceae, originated in India. It is commercially grown in tropical and subtropical region of India. Kagzi lime is the third most important fruit after Mandarin and Sweet orange and India ranks fifth among major lime producing countries.


Kagzi lemon use for fresh fruit as well as pickle purpose. It's also useful for making juice, RTS, Squash. Ornamental use: The plant is used for ornamental purpose. Medicinal uses of Kagzi lemon are rich in vitamin C, minerals and salts. The plant is used for ornamental purpose. The Kagzi Nimboo or Kagzi Lemon Plant produces citrus fruits, better known as lemons or lime fruit. They are edible. They are used for culinary purposes also.


In India Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat the prime areas of Lemon cultivation in Gujarat. Temperature -Land: Uniform Cold & Hot weather are most suited to Kagzi Lemon crop. In Heavy rainfall areas infestation of pest disease increases. All areas are suitable for Lemon cultivation.


Citrus fruits are members of the "Rutaceae" family which contain more than a thousand spe-cies mostly found in tropical region of Africa, South-East Asia and Australia. Variety is often re-ferred to as Kagzi lime in some parts of India and is grown extensively all over the state.


Citrus fruits being perishable in nature need to be handled delicately and hygienically. Sweet oranges, limes and lemons remain fresh under ambient conditions and hence can be trans-ported to distant places for marketing. More care and attention is required for mandarins dur-ing handling and transport.


Grafted or layered or budded plant start fruiting from third year after planting. Fruits of sweet orange are harvested when colour break takes place. Lime and lemons are harvested when matured but still green.

Distance (in acre) Sapling (in land) Cost (per plant) Total Fertilizer Cost of cultivation
12*8 ft 460 65 rs. 460X65 = 29,900 /- Fertilizers Land preparation Labor expenses etc. 29,900 /-
Total Cost Of Cultivation: 29,900/-
Income of year From each plant Total Company buy-back Total
Year 3rd 5 kg 15X460 = 6900 kg 10 rs. 6900X10 = 69,000 /-
Year 4th 10 kg 20X460 = 9200 kg 10 rs. 9200X10 = 92,000 /-
Year 5th 25 kg 25X460 = 11500 kg 10 rs. 11500X10 = 1,15,000 /-
Total Income: 2,76,000/-
Technical Support & Services:

We also provide technical support for farming. Our Service Department with technically quali-fied staff provide after sales service and farmers' advisory services to our customers to get bet-ter plant establishment and faster growth of Herbal and Horticultural plantations.

We have largest network of employees who deliver Plants to customers at their door steps. Free technical services to customers on planting method, management practices and plant pro-tection measures. Our teams of Agricultural Experts periodically visits and supervise the planta-tions and suggest necessary guidelines to get better growth and higher returns.

The income & expenditure indicated by the company is an approximate figure, as it also de-pends on the nature and hard work of the farmer.

  1. This includes Supervision, consultancy, guidance, Transportation cost first year.
  2. First production start after 3nd year and every production start in every 1 year.
  3. Buy back agreement of Kagzi Lemon.
  4. The income expenditure indicated by the company is an approximated figure, as it also depends on the nature and hard work of the farmer.
  1. For 1 Acre plantation the cost of Plants is Rs. 33,000/-, out of which 50% i.e. Rs. 16,500/- has to be paid before the cultivation and the remaining half after the planting is done.
  2. The Buy Back Agreement Stamp paper of Rs.100/- has to be stamped by District Court of your area.
  3. For 10 Acre or more yield the buy Back Agreement Stamp Paper will be of Rs.500/-.